About Adopting

Resources for your Classes

Making it Easy to Find the Right Materials for Your Courses

So many of you have told us how helpful it is to see what classroom materials your colleagues around the country are using. You’ve also indicated that you spend considerable time researching materials to keep up-to-date on the latest in your discipline and when you are appointed to teach a new course.

As a result, we’ve designed FacultyEnlight® to provide valuable textbook information from other faculty members while saving you time in your research efforts.  We created a robust search function in FacultyEnlight that lets you explore new materials in your discipline by title, author, and ISBN.  You can also see which books are being used at more than 650 U.S. campuses with Barnes & Noble bookstores.

We also encourage you to submit reviews of books you have used – just as you value their opinion, your colleagues will also value yours. To submit a review, navigate to the product page for the book you are using in your course and click the “Reviews” tab to let others know how the book is working for your course.

Why adopt early?

Submitting your adoption on time helps your students.

You play a pivotal role in ensuring that students get the learning materials they need, in time for the first day of class, at a price they can afford.

So why do we need your adoptions well in advance of the next term?  Because, when you partner with your bookstore to submit your adoptions on time, you give us time to:

  • Remedy common issues such as publisher shipping delays, edition changes, and out-of-stock titles.
  • Research hard-to-find, limited edition books and provide you more options to choose from.
  • Source more books to make available as used and rental options.  Our textbook rental program saves students more than 50% off the cost of buying a new book, and used books save students 25% off the new book price.
  • Pay students the highest price possible when selling their books back at the end of the term. Letting us know that you will reuse books for multiple terms lets the current semester’s students get the highest price available when they sell them back to the bookstore, often up to 50% of the new price.

We thank you in advance for helping us do everything possible to get learning materials in your students’ hands, while offering them many low price options.

Your School’s Adoption Policy

Each institution’s policy regarding faculty interaction with textbook publishers may vary, so we urge you to check with your administration for specifics. 

Whether you are interacting with publisher or bookstore representatives, we suggest you ask these questions as you consider course materials for your students:

  • How much will this book cost my students? (Keep in mind that publishers will quote the net cost to the university bookstore, which is not the final cost to the student.)
  • Is the textbook available by itself or sold only as part of a bundle?  What elements are included in the bundle?
  • Is the textbook available in eTextbook format and/or as a used version or a rental?
  • What online resources are available to students with the purchase of the text, and are they available to anyone, or only to students who buy a new copy?
  • When is the next edition going to be released? What new elements will be included in the new edition?

Adoption Timing

For specific dates for your campus adoption submissions, please check your local bookstore website or contact your store manager.

Your bookstore will happily accept adoptions in advance of that deadline as well. So, if you know at the beginning of this term which books you will be using next term, why not go ahead and submit your adoption?  That will allow more time for us to interact with the publisher and give you advance notice about out-of-stocks, edition changes, and other potential issues.