About Affordability

We know that affordability is a major concern for today’s students, and that it’s often the main reason why faculty members adopt a particular textbook. We want to help you find the course materials that work for you and are affordable for your students. Your campus store offers a comprehensive textbook program that includes a variety of formats and processes aimed at affordability. We leverage relationships with more than 7,000 publishers to help you select from an extensive catalogue of affordable textbooks and reference books – including rental, digital and used formats – to help students save up to 60 percent on textbooks and achieve success in the classroom.

Textbook Rental Program

With more than 60 percent of titles typically available in rental format, your students will have access to the industry’s leading textbook rental program. Generally more than 50 percent less than a new, printed textbook, rentals offer a great opportunity for students to save money without compromising their educational experience. This program is designed to maximize both affordability and convenience: students can purchase textbook rentals in-store or online with any form of tender; highlight text and make notes on pages; keep books until finals are over; and return books at the bookstore or through the mail.

Used Textbooks and Cash for Books

Another way we drive student savings is through used textbooks. We obtain a large percentage of used book inventory for your students through our multi-channel buyback option known as Cash for Books. At the end of each semester, Cash for Books allows students to return their unwanted textbooks – in-store or at convenient mobile stations located throughout campus – back to the bookstore for up to 50 percent cash back off the new textbook price. We closely review each school’s course information to identify those materials that may be used again on campuses across the country. We then notify students who have purchased those titles that their books can be sold back to the store. As a result, next year’s students are able to purchase these used titles at a discounted price, giving all students the opportunity to save money through used textbooks.

Unbundled Textbooks and Custom Texts

In addition to rental, digital and used textbooks, we also offer several alternative textbook options that can help your students save even more money – such as bundled, unbundled and custom texts. While some bundled textbook packages include print and technology options that enhance the student’s learning experience – such as DVDs, study guides, online access and workbooks – we understand that others include additional course materials that may not be used in the classroom. When possible, we carry both bundled packages and the individual components, so that students can choose the option that works best for them. Many faculty also choose to create custom texts using select content and other materials. Custom texts address course-specific needs and objectives, allowing students more flexibility in their course material options.

Digital Content Program

Digital titles allow students to save even more money – up to 60 percent – and stay on the cutting-edge when it comes to digital learning materials. Our digital offerings also were designed with convenience in mind, allowing students to purchase using any form of tender and access these materials immediately following their purchase or digital rental. And, to optimize the digital experience, we offer the newly released Yuzu™ Web, iOS® and Android™ apps.

Open Educational Resources

Open educational resources (OER) are teaching, learning, and research resources that reside in the public domain or have been released under an intellectual property license that permits their free use and re-purposing by others. Click here to learn more about OER.


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How You Can Help Students Save Money

So what can you do to help ensure that your students have access to these affordable options? First, you can make sure that you get your textbook adoptions in early – typically a few weeks before finals. We share your goal of wanting students to be prepared for the first day of class, and early textbook requests enable us to find, purchase and stock the best cost-saving options available. Additionally, by researching textbook options earlier, together we will have more time to explore your rental and digital format options, ensuring that your students have access to more affordable choices.

Early adoption also helps our used textbook and Cash for Books cycle function properly. When we receive textbook adoption requests early, we can be sure to offer students cash back for those books that will be reused next semester. In turn, those books become part of our used textbook inventory, saving even more students money in the future.

Lastly, you can help your students by letting them know before classes begin that the campus store offers this range of affordable options. By directing your students to the campus store for their course material needs, we can work together to make sure that they have all the materials they need to succeed.