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There are times when the traditional textbook may not be right for your class and together with our publishing partners; we can help you explore the options.  Does it make financial sense to select only portions of a textbook or will the net cost to students actually increase due to the unique title this creates?  Will the added software or online access offered by many publishers enhance the learning experience and achieve better results?  We can help answer these questions and assist you in selecting the best materials for each of your courses.

If you prefer to teach with your own materials, integrating your work with existing supplementary material select chapters from various publications, Barnes & Noble College offers several resources to build a custom course pack and make it available in several formats in your college bookstore.

While some bundled textbook packages include print and technology options that enhance the student’s learning experience; we understand that others include extraneous course materials that often are not used in class. When possible, we carry both bundled packages and the individual components, so that students can choose the option that works best for them.  

We are always available right here on campus to help you evaluate the availability of academic materials and the net costs to your students.

The Benefits of Custom Textbooks

Many Custom Textbooks can save your students money. Some customized textbooks are priced less than the traditional textbook. It depends on the amount of publisher materials used, the print run, and the length of time the customized textbook will be used, etc. Your campus bookstore manager can help you decide what is right for you.

Custom Course Pack Solutions


We work with XanEdu, the leading provider of course packs and custom textbooks. XanEdu offers course packs in multiple formats, all with 100 percent copyright compliance guaranteed. With XanEdu, we can quickly fulfill all course pack and custom textbook requests, preparing a convenient, attractive compilation according to your specifications.

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