About Digital

As course materials change with advancements in technology, Barnes & Noble College aims to ensure that your classroom is at the forefront of this digital revolution. We are committed to setting the standard for delivering next-generation educational content through a strategy that includes innovative platforms and tools for you and your students, which are created by working closely with publishers. Barnes & Noble College is expanding our digital inventory every day, growing strategic partnerships with other leaders in technology, and optimizing user experiences for you and your students.

  • Yuzu™ – is a free learning platform that lets you and your students read and interact with digital content wherever you are. With Yuzu, you can highlight, take notes, search, and organize all of your digital content in one, convenient app. Yuzu is available through your web browser, or iPad® or Android™ device.
    Learn more about Yuzu here.

  • Seamless Integration with LMS – Nearly 48 percent of students feel integrated Learning Management Systems (LMS) help with their studying. Integration with LMS on your campus will make browsing, purchasing and accessing digital content easier than ever for your students. All of your student’s course materials are accessible, organized, and searchable on a single platform. 
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  • FacultyEnlight® – Our online research and adoption platform provides robust features to help you choose great course materials and easily provide adoptions to the campus bookstore. We performed extensive research with faculty nationwide - you told us what you wanted and we heard you.FacultyEnlight offers a simpler, streamlined way to locate and choose your course materials online.
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  • Commitment to Accessibility – We are continually investing in new technology that will bring innovative accessibility solutions to our learning platform Yuzu, powered by VitalSource in order to address the needs of students with visual impairments, learning disabilities or physical constraints.


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Feedback or Suggestions?

FacultyEnlight was built on faculty feedback and we are committed to continuing to enhance the site for faculty needs. Send your thoughts and suggestions on the site to your bookstore manager.