What will be the next technological advance to redefine higher education? Many are calling Google Glass that very tool, and they may have a point: With incredible advances in live internet connections, note taking, and instant photo/video integration, Google Glass may disrupt education—in a beneficial way. Here are some of the top reasons this futuristic tool will be able to help students and teachers in the present:

  • Both faculty and students applying to jobs or grants can help set their portfolios apart: With the ability to capture visual content and create short videos and eye-catching material, applicants can create memorable visual content as part of an interactive resume
  • It’s impossible to cater to each and every student in a lecture class, but with Google Glass, students can create their own learning styles. Whether they want to read a transcript of what the professor is saying, see an instructional video, or record audio for later use, class attendees can learn at their own pace while in class
  • Taking the digital textbook a step further, Google Glass could revolutionize studying, creating opportunities for virtual classes, interactive information, and more
  • Creativity and problem solving will become a priority over memorization: Did memorizing dates and names ever help many people in the long-term? Instead of temporarily cramming brains with facts, Google Glass will provide those figures, forcing teachers to come up with more advanced questions—and students to actually think about complex issues. Creative problem solving skills will be increasingly in demand in our every-changing world
  • Students who are late or out sick can get live-streamed lectures without professors having to setup special recording equipment

Though the product has yet to debut—and will be quite expensive during its release—students and educators alike are excited to get their hands on a pair. With on-the-spot translation services, unlimited study aids, and immersive experiences as distinct possibilities to Google Glass users, this new tool could truly revolutionize studying and learning.