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Yuzu™ by Barnes & Noble lets you organize, read, and annotate your textbooks right in the palm of your handmaking the experience of learning simple, gratifying, and much easier on your back.

Yuzu is available through your web browser, iPad®, or Windows 8.1® device so you can access your content anywhere. Follow along in class on your iPad or Windows 8.1 tablet, and then pick up where you left off at home from your Mac® or Windows PC.

A Next-Generation Reader
· Replace heavy textbooks with an all-in-one app
· Easily organize your textbooks by term and course
· Highlight, bookmark and add notes to your text
· Search your notes and highlights or see them together on one screen
Rich, Interactive Content
· Access a wide range of rich, engaging content for your classes
· Sync all your information

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NOOK Press

LMS Integration

As Faculty it’s stressful to manage busy schedules while ensuring students get the affordable course materials they need to be successful. With our online adoption platform, FacultyEnlight, and our newly built integration through your Learning Management System, we can help you streamline the course material adoption process – and make it easier for your school students to access the widest variety of affordable options. Learn more



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XanEdu can help you customize and personalize course materials that meet your specific needs. Learn more

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