Barnes & Noble College offers digital resources that make teaching and learning easier. Read on to find out more about how you can use these tools to create a richer and more tangible digital experience for yourself and your students.


Yuzu™ by Barnes & Noble 

Yuzu is a free learning platform that lets you read and interact with your digital content wherever you are.

Digital content includes eTextbooks, which are digital versions of printed textbooks that can be downloaded to a Yuzu compatible device or accessed online using a web browser. Many titles are already available in Yuzu's large catalog, which continues to grow daily and offers students both buy and rent options. Conveniently available on most student devices, Yuzu can take their learning experience to the next level.

Yuzu is available on your iPad®, Mac®, Windows 8.1® or higher device, or online using your web browser, so you can access your content anywhere.

Learn more about Yuzu and see compatibility information here.



NOOK Press

LMS Integration

The LMS Integration is designed to provide faculty with a seamless adoption process where they are able to adopt their course materials directly through their LMS.  The integration provides single sign-on and auto-populates the course information in FacultyEnlight.  The LMS will link directly to FacultyEnlight so faculty are able to go directly to the page where they can adopt their course materials.  No need to enter credentials or spend time entering their department, course, section, and term. Click here to learn more.


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