Learn About Yuzu™

Yuzu is a learning platform that delivers an enhanced digital reading experience with access to a broad digital catalog.
Digital content includes eTextbooks, which are digital versions of printed textbooks that students can download to their Yuzu compatible device(s) or access online using their web browser. eTextbooks offer many advantages over traditional print versions, such as the ability to search keywords or access multi-media content.

Benefits of Yuzu

  • Interactive Learning: eTextbooks can include links to related websites, videos, and other multimedia content, to make the learning experience richers and more engaging.
  • Travel Lighter: Students can replace multiple textbooks with one app where they can access their course materials from a single, organized intergace. They can easily adjust the layout, font size, and zoom to make reading easier on all their devices.
  • Affordable Options: In most instances, a digital rental will be the most affordable option on the shelf, and 77% of students who chose digital last year chose to rent their title.
  • Learn On-the-Go: With course materials always at their fingertips, students can read and study wherever they are. Highlights, notes, and bookmarks automatically sync across all their devices.
  • Simple Navigation: Students can search key words and within a title or their entire library, get automatic page citations, and share notes with their classmates and instructors.

Go to Yuzu.com for more information, or to access Yuzu for Web or download the iOS® or Android™ apps.


Compatibility Information



System Requirements

Internet Requirements

Yuzu for iOS



iPod touch®

iOS 11 and greater

Internet connection required for registration and to download digital content


Yuzu for Android

Android Tablet

Android smartphone

Android 5.0 or later

Access to Google Play™

Yuzu for Web

Any Internet-Connected Computer

Latest version of Google Chrome™, Mozilla Firefox®, or Microsoft Edge

Internet Explorer® version 11 or later

Safari® version 11 or later

Windows 8.1 or later.


NOTE: Windows RT is not supported



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