LinkedIn Has Some New Competition from About.me

Submitted by BNCAdmin on Tue,06/16/2015-10:31

Following the announcement that LinkedIn purchased Lynda.com to develop a foothold in the online learning and education environments, today we hear that "About.me goes after LinkedIn for college students' attention.  About.me revealed that they launched a new Campus section on their Website designed to help college students create a public profile showcasing who they are personally and professionally without the "rich work experience on which to build a more complete, LinkedIn-type resume."  The idea behind About.me is to provide graduating seniors and recent college graduates with an alternative to LinkedIn that showcases their skills without the focus on real work experience.  The goal of the new campus section is to promote student success and share with employers that while these recent college graduates may not have been employed during college, they are highly qualified and would be great assets to their companies.

About.me profiles will have a full-screen image of the user, a small bio, and links to other social networks including LinkedIn.  It will not have status updates and is designed to serve as a quick way for others to learn about you.  Campus will also feature school and career tips and have a section called "Campus Faves" which will highlight students.  These students can be nominated by their college's career services departments or one of their professors.  It provides a "push" to getting discovered.

Click here to learn more and visit the new Campus section on About.me.

For more information click here to read the original article from USA Today.