Times are changing on the education front, and digital education is set to challenge everything we thought we knew about traditional teaching and learning. Knewton, a tech-based personalized education company, recently created an infographic illustrating the turn education is poised to make. You can view the infographic below.

Here are some of the most interesting facts that Knewton points out in this informative graph:

  • Education in the U.S. is a massive, 7-trillion-dollar industry. That’s more than the GDP of Italy, France, and the UK—combined
  • The internet has changed how we do just about everything, from purchasing electronics to meeting people. Education is about to be added to that list
  • One way the digital landscape is about to change? By transitioning from the one-size-fits-all model of teaching and learning to customized, technology- driven solutions for each student.
  • In 2010, digital textbooks comprised just 1.5% of U.S. textbook sales. In 2013 that number has grown to 11%, and by 2015 it’s expected to hover around 35%
  • The online learning enrollment growth rate is a whopping 14 times higher than traditional higher education enrollment
  • Teachers believe that online educational tools really work: 93% believe online tools improve performance, and 95% believe these tools engage
  • 96% of universities offer at least one online class, and by next year, approximately 81% of post-secondary students will take some or all of their classes online
  • In 2010, over 6 million students took one or more online courses at degree-granting postsecondary institutions

With 30% of U.S. students failing out of high school and a whopping 46% of U.S. college students failing to graduate (even within 6 years), the opportunities for online education to break down barriers is ever present. Whether a company looking to capitalize on the online education market or a student is looking for an unconventional learning environment, online education is poised to burst onto the higher education scene—and makes great strides each and every month. What will the digital education landscape look like in 2014? It’s hard to say, but it will be anything but traditional.


The State of Digital Education

Created by Knewton and Column Five Media