Professor and students

In order to effectively use and implement technology in the classroom, instructors should embrace the habits that will help them succeed. An infographic, recently on Daily Edventures, showed the “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teachers Who Use Technology,” a list originally posted on Always Prepped.

Those instructors who use technology successfully choose the correct technology that will assist them or their students, or enhance a course. Once they begin using technology, faculty members must be willing to adapt and learn new technology, as advances can happen rapidly and often. Students today are quick to learn a new software or device, and they expect their classrooms to keep up.

By sharing ideas, faculty can learn from their peers, who may be on their campus or halfway around the globe. New technologies make it easier than ever for instructors to collaborate and share ideas on a global scale. A final, key ingredient to successful technology integration across the entire campus is getting administrators, students, and other faculty members on board, by focusing on the benefits these tools can bring to the classroom.