Textbook Adoption Guide - Texas A&M University

The guide below is intended to help you step successfully through the textbook adoption process at Texas A&M University.

Textbooks & Course Materials
Adoptions Information

Step 1:        The Bookstore Contacts Faculty and Academic Departments

The bookstore requests textbook and course supply information in April for the upcoming Summer and Fall semester, and in October for the Spring semester.  An email will be sent to department coordinators to begin the process.  Others who should receive textbook announcements can subscribe by sending an email to textbooth@tamu.edu with departments they will be responsible for and their contact information in the message body.  (An email will be sent to the sender to confirm the request.)

Why so early?

Early requests save students money and help students be prepared for the first day of class. 

  • Gives us more time to research an ultimately enable us to find, purchase, and stock the best cost-saving adoptions available.
  • We can offer the students more cash back for the books that will be reused the next semester
  • We can make sure that rental books that are being readopted are not shipped out of the store. This results in even greater inventory of used textbooks.
Why is this important?

Textbook information is posted to the course catalog and allows Texas A&M to comply, to the greatest extent possible, with the federally mandated Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA).

Please note:
  • Adoption requests can be submitted individually: If some materials have been selected but others have not, please send those that are known and send the remaining items once they have been chosen.
  • If supplies or supplemental items are needed, please request these, as well.
  • If no textbooks are required, this can be updated in of two ways: via FacultyEnlight or via email to textbooth@tamu.edu with the course and section number, so that this information can be posted.

Step 2:        Faculty Members and Academic Departments Submit Adoptions

Faculty members and academic departments submit requested items in the manner most convenient for them:


Submitting requests online via FacultyEnlight is the preferred method in receiving adoptions for textbooks and course-related material. This platform was designed to save time and make the adoption process easy. Through FacultyEnlight, you will have the ability to:

  • Research and adopt course materials in one location
  • Compare cost to student and identify format availability before adoption
  • Read peer product reviews and write your own
  • Access your past adoptions for the last two years
  • Information is instantly sent to all brick and mortar locations in town when the adoption is submitted via FacultyEnlight.

Visit www.tamu.bncollege.com and click on "Faculty Resources" in the upper right corner to login to the system.  If you have not registered on FacultyEnlight previously, click the "Create account" option to establish an account.

If you need assistance, please call your textbook team at 979-862-4048.


Email: Email a COURSE INFORMATION AND BOOK INFORMATION form to textbooth@tamu.edu.

Phone: 979-862-4048 (2-4048 on campus)

In person: Stop by the Textbook Department on the lower level of the Barnes & Noble at Texas A&M Bookstore, located at 275 Joe Routt Blvd., inside the Memorial Student Center.

No textbooks to adopt?: Please submit the course and section number via FacultyEnlight, via email to textbooth@tamu.edu, or by calling 979-862-4048 to let us know.

Step 3:        Order Receipt Confirmation

The bookstore will confirm receipt of your online adoption order by a system-generated email.

Step 4:        Research

  • Once the bookstore receives the adoption, the textbook team researches the requested books and materials with the publisher(s) to assure that editions are current and available.
  • If multiple items are included in a textbook bundle, each component must be verified.
  • The verification process may require several calls to publishers and can take up to 10 business days.  If additional information is needed, editions have changed, or the materials are unavailable, the faculty member or department will be contacted in order to determine a suitable course of action.

Step 5:        Course Materials are Posted on the Bookstore Website

  • After each item on the adoptions order is researched and vetted, it is entered in the bookstore's database and updates to the bookstore website are posted within 24-48 hours.
  • If no issues are encountered, the item will be visible on the bookstore website within 48 hours.  However, if the bookstore is awaiting information from publishers, this may take up to 10 business days. Also, if the bookstore is awaiting a response from the liason/faculty, no information for the book(s) in question will be entered until a resolution has been submitted.
  • It is possible that some textbooks will be entered while others are still being researched.

Step 6:        Textbooks and Course Materials are Ordered

Once the textbooks and course materials have been researched, the bookstore acquires textbooks and course materials from both students and publishers.  Students are the bookstore's largest supplier of textbooks.

As the textbook team places orders, they may become aware of new editions, backorders, etc.  If any issues arise, the faculty member or department will be alerted in order to determine a suitable course of action.

Step 7:        Textbooks and Course Materials are Received and Shelved

Roughly four weeks before the start of the semester, we will reconcile the books on the shelves to each book adoption preference. All faculty are welcome to visit the bookstore and tour the textbook department to view their books and courses.

Texas A&M University's Bookstore shares the goal of having every student prepared
with their books on the first day of class.

Early textbook requests help the bookstore provide cost-savings options for students, including used textbooks, textbook rentals and e-books when available.

Phone:    Textbook Information Desk (979) 862-4048   (2-4048 on campus)

Email:     textbooth@tamu.edu