Affordable Course Materials

Students with store manager

We know that affordability is a top concern for today’s students, and that it heavily influences your choice of course materials. We want to help you find the course materials that work for you and that are affordable for your students. Your campus store offers a comprehensive textbook program that includes a variety of formats and processes aimed at affordability. We leverage relationships with more than 7,000 publishers to help you select from an extensive catalogue of affordable textbooks and reference books – including rental, digital and used formats – to help students save up to 80 percent on textbooks and achieve success in the classroom.

How can you save your students money?

To ensure that the bookstore has time to source the most affordable options, such as rentals and used formats, it is important to send your adoptions in on time. This allows the bookstore to source rentals, as well as offer Cash for Books for those textbooks they know will be used again. This then allows students to purchase used books the next year. The earlier the bookstore receives your adoptions, the more time they have to find the most affordable options.