Lowering the Cost of Course Materials

Just like you, Barnes & Noble College is always striving to provide the lowest cost options for your students on the course materials required for their success.  For print materials, used textbooks are the format of choice for most students with rentals being a close second.

With the increased popularity of eBooks and interactive Courseware, driven by the Gen Z population who are entering our campuses today, we have an even greater responsibility to lower the overall cost of course materials. Your bookstore is addressing this with the First Day™ model. Providing you with an option to lower the cost on your required digital course materials.  The model provides access within the LMS to digital course materials on or before the first day of class at a reduced price that is included as a course material charge on the student account.  Please contact your Bookstore Manager for more details on this exciting program.

If you use Cengage course materials, you may want to consider Cengage Unlimited as an option that could lower costs to your students if they are using multiple Cengage titles or when the other available options like Used or Rental total more than the CU subscription price.  ONE student subscription includes access to all Cengage eTextbooks, online homework platforms, and more – in ONE place, for ONE price.

Beginning August 1, 2020, we will also offer Cengage Unlimited eTextbooks, an even lower priced tier for students using only Cengage eBooks. Cengage Unlimited and Cengage Unlimited eTextbooks are available to students through the bookstore — where all payment methods and special funding is accepted. Our pricing matches what a student would pay buying either of these options directly from Cengage.

  • Important: If a student has already purchased Cengage Unlimited for another course, they will not need to purchase another subscription. They can add any Cengage eTextbook or online homework platform for other classes at no additional cost.
  • Pricing: One semester/4-months of Cengage Unlimited is $119.99. One-year and two-year options are also available. Cengage Unlimited eTextbooks is $69.99 for one semester/4-months, and there are no multi-term options available with this tier.
  • Mobile App: Subscribers also get access to the Cengage Mobile App for learning offline/online, as well as hundreds of student success and career readiness skill-building activities.
  • Hardcopy Rentals: Subscribers are eligible to rent up to four FREE hardcopy textbooks, just pay $7.99 shipping and handling per book. These free rentals are fulfilled and shipped by Cengage.

When you submit your book order, simply include the course materials you are using but add the Cengage Unlimited access length (4-month, one-year, or two-year) or Cengage Unlimited eTextbooks (4-month) that you would like made available to your students. We will continue to offer students all affordable options, in addition to Cengage Unlimited.

Your bookstore team is prepared and ready to assist students who have questions. You can also learn more at  https://www.cengage.com/unlimited/instructor