What is FacultyEnlight®?

Designed with input from faculty across the country, FacultyEnlight is an online content search, discovery and adoption website that allows faculty to research and adopt textbooks in one convenient place.

What are the key features of FacultyEnlight

FacultyEnlight enables faculty to:
- Research and adopt course materials in one place.
- Compare the estimated cost to student and format availability before adopting.
- Read peer product reviews and write product reviews.
- Access past adoptions from the past two years at affiliated campuses, and much more.
FacultyEnlight enables department administrators to:
- Use reporting tools to keep track of department adoptions
- Send multiple confirmation emails
- Place multiple adoptions at one time
- Approve faculty adoptions

How is FacultyEnlight accessed?

FacultyEnlight may be accessed by clicking on the “Faculty Resources” link in the upper righthand corner of the bookstore website.

What are the benefits of adopting materials online?

FacultyEnlight offers the convenience of researching and adopting course materials in one website. Adoptions will be sent directly to the bookstore manager on campus and all of the information will be posted for students within 48 hours. Adoptions can also be sent to your Department Administrator for approval, and will be sent directly to the bookstore once approved.

Can the site be used without registering?

Yes, research and adoption of course materials can be completed without registering. However, there are added benefits to registering on the site, like accessing your adoption history for the past two years, and creating a favorites list of textbooks frequently used.

What are the benefits of registering?

Registered members of FacultyEnlight are able to:
- Submit new adoptions with greater ease
- Review adoptions for the past two years
- Create and access favorites lists
- Write and submit textbook reviews

How Do I Edit my Account Information?

Simply click your welcome message at the top of the page to go to your account settings. For more details and to view our Editing Account Information guide please click here.


How Do I register as a Department Administrator?

Department administrators who place adoptions for the faculty in their department should register as Department Admin users, to take advantage of the special features. Whether you are a new or existing user, simply send your Full Name, Email Address, Phone Number, and Department to your Store Manager.


How is adoption history accessed?

There are two ways to access past adoptions: click on “History” or, under the “Search” header, select “My School Adoptions.”

"History" Adoptions are adoptions that have been made as a registered user of FacultyEnlight, while logged in. Because materials may be adopted before becoming a registered user, it is recommended to first create an account.

"My School Adoptions" includes all adoptions at your school for the last two years, including your own. Please note, only registered users can access this information, and must be logged in.

How are reviews submitted?

Log in and navigate to the book detail page. The book review form is available in the “Reviews” tab on the book detail page. Select a star rating out of five, give it a title and write a review. The more detail provided, the better!

How are passwords reset?

From the Sign In page, click the “Forgot username or password?” link and enter the email address associated with your account. An email containing your username and a link to reset your password will be sent to that address. Please ensure that info@facultyenlight.com is added to your Safe Senders list. For more details and to view the password guide please click here.

If I would like students to choose from a list of titles, do I select “Required” or “Recommended” for each book?  

Select “Required” for the list of books you want in your “Go To Class First” list, but in the notes section on the Review/Submit Order page, please specify that this is a “Go To Class First” list.

What types of emails will FacultyEnlight send?

After registering, FacultyEnlight will send an email confirming the registration which will contain your username. After submitting an adoption, FacultyEnlight will send you an email confirming the details of your adoption.

At the end of each semester, FacultyEnlight will send a single email asking you to review the materials adopted that semester. We were told by faculty across the country that they would find this valuable, so feel free to contribute and build the community of reviews on FacultyEnlight. You may do so by clicking on the title of each textbook in the email and writing a review under the “Reviews” tab.


Bi-monthly emails are also sent with textbook news and topics relevant to faculty.

How does FacultyEnlight fit in with my campus’s commitment to affordability?

FacultyEnlight allows you to identify which titles are available in affordable formats for your students in one convenient place. Every title will display available formats and prices, as well as how those prices compare to the new print price, allowing you to make the decision to adopt materials that may be more affordable for your students. By using FacultyEnlight, and submitting your adoptions early, you empower your bookstore manager to find titles that may offer cost savings to your students, and to have those books on shelves in time for each semester.


Can I request a Desk Copy?

You can request a desk copy of a textbook by searching for the textbook and clicking the "Request Desk Copy" link in the search results. You will be prompted to either complete an online or PDF form, or be redirected to the publisher’s website. If you do not hear back about your request after two or more weeks, please follow up with the publisher directly, or contact your bookstore manager for assistance. For more details and to view the Desk Copy Request guide please click here.

If a title is not found, how can it be adopted?

If a title isn't found, selecting the link 'Search BN.com?" will search all the books available on BN.com. If the title still cannot be found, at the bottom of every search results page, there is a form entitled “Enter New Title”. Fill in all the fields and proceed with the adoption process.

How does FacultyEnlight solve for multi-campus or adjunct professor adoptions?

When creating an account, a user may click “+ Add More” to affiliate their account with multi-campuses.

If a user has already created an account, they must sign in, click the welcome message at the top of the page, and click “edit profile”. Then, they may click “+ Add More” to affiliate their account with multi-campuses.

Where do the articles in the “News” section come from?

The articles in the “News” feed are published by your local bookstore and the Barnes & Noble College offices.

How are bugs or technical difficulties addressed?

Always contact the campus bookstore manager about any issues or questions with the site.

What are the system requirements?

FacultyEnlight is a web-based product that requires an internet connection and one of the following internet browser types and versions:
- Internet Explorer, Version 9 or higher
- Mozilla Firefox, Version 19 or higher
- Chrome, Version 25 or higher
- Safari, Version 4 or higher